Scubatek - L'école de plongée de Tahiti (+689) 89 400 499 & (+689) 87 74 32 10
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    Tahiti - French Polynesia

    The diving club of Arue

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    Tahiti - French Polynesia

    The diving club of Arue

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    Tahiti - French Polynesia

    The diving club of Arue

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    Tahiti - French Polynesia

    The diving club of Arue


Welcome in our Scuba Diving center

The SCUBATEK TAHITI diving club will share with you and allow you to discover the passion of scuba diving.
Underwater diving has always been a passion for us, which has been our professional activity for more than 20 years.

All year 7/7
(+689) 89 400 499
(+689) 87 74 32 10
Arue - Tahiti - French polynesia

The diving center

Being able to link work and pleasure remains a high priority. We practice our activity within a structure that we have created and developed: SCUBATEK TAHITI.

But if pleasures have contributed to its expansion, the latter has also been made according to strict rules edited by our personality and imposed by the underwater environment.
  • Conveniences

    • Bathrooms (toilets, showers, washbasins)
    • Snack, bar and restaurant nearby
    • Free parking
    • Shopping mall nearby
    • Doctors and pharmacy nearby
    • Recompression box at C.H.T. from Taaone 2km away
  • Others services

    • Inflating bottles
    • Equipment rental
    • Sale of material
    • Hardware Repair
  • Diving schedules

    Diving schedules
    0830 - 1030 - 13H30
    8H30 - 10H30 - 15H45
    8H30 - 10H30 - 13H30
    8H30 - 10H30 - 13H30
    8H30 - 10H30 - 15H45
    8H30 - 10H30 - 13H30
    8H30 - 10H30 - 13H30
    Note: Material included

Our team

The club is composed of two federal instructors who will welcome you and train you in the pleasures of scuba diving.


  • SSI Instructor Trainer

Arnauld DEMIER

  • MF2 (FFESSM)
  • BEES 1°
  • Instructeur CMAS***
  • Moniteur NITROX
  • DM Instructeur

Diving Sites

La source (Punaauia)

Diving off the tip of the fishermen in Punaauia, characterized by a resurgence of fresh water about 4m deep. This site is endowed with a very rich reef fauna (turtles, leopard rays, white tip sharks ...).

La vallée blanche

One of the most beautiful dive site of Tahiti located at the tip of the lagoon of Faa'a (reef side). A diverse and abundant fauna occupies the site (gray sharks, lemons sharks, school of trevallies ...). A light drifting current will take you to crystal clear waters to discover this superb site.

Les 3 épaves

In the Faa'a lagoon, a seaplane sits on a slope between 10 and 22 meters deep. This wreck can be visited safely, the diver then becoming "pilot". On the same sandy slope, near and on similar depths, two wrecks of boat set their openwork silouhette, landmarks of a large and diverse fauna.

La Zélée

Wreck cast in 1916 on the outer slope of the Papeete motu. The top of the wreck is on a bottom of 10m, and the bottom of the wreck on 20m. The wreck shelters a fauna of reef little fierce. The surroundings of the wreckage show a hilly terrain covered with corals in excellent health.

Les gorgones d'Arue

Deep dive along the drop of the Tahiti Yacht Club. Clinging to the vertical and vaulted wall of the outer reef, many large orange sea fans share the space with as much branch of black coral. Adequate lighting is necessary to appreciate the beauty and colors of the site inhabited by a multitude of small fish.

La grotte d'Arue

On the outer slope of the Arue Reef, an excavation offers two openings, allowing the divers a "entrance", "exit" between 28 and 33m. Deeper, the divers evolve in the middle of a reef fauna numerous along a varied relief: valleys, falling vertical, plateau. Exploration possible for all levels of divers.

La faille d'Arue

One of the most famous site of the island of Tahiti. Outside the reef, a coral plateau immersed at 5 meters deep overlooks an impressive and dizzying drop.

Les roses de Matavai

Deep and majestic dive reserved for confirmed divers. Immersed between 35 and 45 meters, the large coral roses bloom in the deep blue Matavai Bay, made famous by the epic of the Bounty. Often very clear water where we cross a pelagic fauna.

Le banc du Dolphin

Near Pointe Venus, this site takes its name from the boat of Samuel Wallis who anchored there more than two centuries ago. Accessible to divers of all levels, this spot has a nice fishy drop, regularly interspersed with small narrow faults appreciated by divers who go willingly discover a fixed and varied wildlife.

Le piton de Mahahonu

Diving on the outer slope of the submerged reef of Papenoo Bay (East Coast of Tahiti). A little off the reef, a piton covered with corals, whose summit culminates at -12m can be bypassed. This beautiful ballad with atypical relief continues on the slope of the reef allowing a gradual ascent on the reef plateau to complete the dive in the company of a colorful fauna.
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